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AT&T expects to complete 80% of FirstNet next year, as well as nationwide 5G on spectrum below 6 GHz
Urgent Communications | 6/5/19
AT&T expects to complete 80% of its contracted FirstNet deployment for 700 MHz Band 14 spectrum next fall, and the FirstNet effort is helping the carrier realize its 5G vision on sub-6 GHz spectrum, a company official said last week.

IAFF Joins with AT&T to Educate Firefighters on FirstNet Mobile Broadband Services | 6/4/19
FirstNet is a critical tool to keep firefighters and paramedics safe and ensure effective emergency and disaster response.

Verizon’s Throttling of Santa Clara County Firefighters Discussed by Panel of Net Neutrality Advocates
Broadband Breakfast | 5/31/19
Verizon Wireless’ slowdown of the Santa Clara County Fire Department’s data plan had a “significant impact” on the department’s ability to respond to last year’s wildfires, according to testimony by Fire Chief Anthony Bowden that featured prominently in a Thursday discussion at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society.

With a black SIM, first responders' calls go ahead of yours
CNet | 5/23/19
First responder calls and data can now move yours out of the way thanks to lessons from 9/11.

AT&T outclassed Verizon in hurricane response, and it wasn’t close, union says
Ars Technica | 5/21/19
Union: Verizon used un-credentialed contractors to restore service in Florida.

AT&T: FirstNet 25% Faster than Commercial Networks
Radio Resource International | 5/6/19
The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) network performs more than 25% faster than commercial networks, according to data from AT&T, which is building out the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN).

AT&T touts FirstNet progress, more than 600K connections
Fierce Wireless | 5/6/19
AT&T touted FirstNet’s progress, saying the network has “well-surpassed” half a million connections, and has expanded coverage and capacity in more than 600 markets across the U.S.

Ohio entities seek to use ISSI to make first interoperable link between FirstNet and P25 systems from Harris, Tait
Urgent Communications | 4/26/19
Public-safety entities in the state of Ohio hope to begin testing an interoperability solution that is designed to link FirstNet push-to-talk service with Harris P25 systems—and possibly a Tait P25 network—by leveraging P25 Inter RF Subsystem Interface (ISSI) technology, according to officials involved in the project.

AT&T says planned FirstNet buildout passes halfway point, adoption numbers increase by 33% in Q1
Urgent Communications | 4/25/19
FirstNet is serving more than 7,000 agencies and 570,000 subscribers—both increases of about 33% compared to three months ago—and the scheduled buildout of the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) was 53% as of the end of March, officials for FirstNet contractor AT&T said today.

A New Life-Saving Data Source for Public Safety: MedicAlert
As a former first responder, I know firsthand how important additional information from the scene of a 9-1-1 call is for a successful response.

FirstNet: The Key to Improving Safety at Schools, Colleges and Hospitals
Campus Safety Magazine | 4/24/19
During an emergency, school, university and hospital security and public safety support personnel, as well as staff and administrators, may be called on to support local first responders. FirstNet enables better communications among all of these individuals.

Q&A: Brazos County, Texas, Sheriff Embraces 21st Century Public Safety Tech
StateTech | 4/12/19
The local sheriff's department shares its experience with the FirstNet dedicated public safety broadband network.

AT&T FirstNet: Fred Scalera highlights capabilities, increased use of SatCOLT deployable systems
Urgent Communications | 4/4/19
Fred Scalera, director of public-safety strategy and policy for AT&T FirstNet describes many key features associated with the FirstNet deployable program, which includes a fleet of 72 satellite-cell-on-light-truck (SatCOLT) vehicles that are available to FirstNet subscribers—at no additional no cost—when terrestrial-network coverage is unavailable or extra capacity is needed.

FirstNet Authority conducting public-safety outreach to inform reinvestment decisions in nationwide system
Urgent Communications | 4/3/19
Findings from outreach workshops with first-responder entities during the next several months will be used to help develop the FirstNet Authority’s roadmap that will outline the organization’s plans to invest about $15 billion into the FirstNet system during the next 23 years, according to a FirstNet Authority official.

What does it take to be a FirstNet app?
RCR Wireless | 4/1/19
One of the central tenants of the FirstNet proposition was not just a nationwide LTE network for public safety, but an ecosystem of applications that were public-safety grade. There are currently more than 50 iOS and Android applications available in the FirstNet catalog, representing more than 30 unique applications.

What is Z-axis location information for wireless 911 calls?
RCR Wireless | 3/31/19
Establishing Z-axis location information has been an ongoing part of an effort by the Federal Communications Commission to improve the location data available to first responders when a wireless user calls 911. Here are the basics to know.

AT&T Outlines New FirstNet Tools Coming Out in Next 12 Months
Mission Critical Communications | 3/29/19
To mark the first anniversary of the launch of the dedicated public-safety core for the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet), AT&T outlined some of its plans for the FirstNet network over the next year.

FirstNet: Two years in
GCN | 3/28/19
Two years after the FirstNet authority awarded a 25-year, multi-billion-dollar contract to AT&T to build a nationwide broadband public safety network, work on expanding the infrastructure and increasing the number of devices, apps and application programming interfaces designed for responders is picking up steam.

AT&T FirstNet highlights new EPTT features, future promise of MCPTT
Urgent Communications | 3/28/19
Push-to-talk services over the FirstNet system being built by AT&T already are being leveraged and more use cases are developing as the offering rapidly evolves toward a mission-critical-push-to-talk (MCPTT)-compliant solution during the next few years, according to an AT&T FirstNet official.

The Benefits of 5G Network Slicing in Public Safety
StateTech | 3/28/19
Network slicing will give first responders more dynamic quality of service guarantees for specific applications.

The FirstNet-AT&T partnership is just one example of public safety LTE
RCR Wireless News | 3/28/19
The standardization of mission-critical features in LTE has helped to foster a number of global efforts to use LTE for public safety. The U.S.’ Firstnet project is one, but there are a number of others in various stages of development.

How public safety is using IoT
RCR Wireless News | 3/26/19
Public safety agencies are working to better respond to an increasingly technology-reliant public, while at the same time making more effective use of such technology themselves. Many of the devices and services they are turning to require LTE broadband availability – which means relying on commercial mobile networks.

FirstNet App Catalog Vets Mobile Tools for First Responders
Government Technology | 3/25/19
With FirstNet’s designated network in all 50 states and dozens of apps available in its catalog, the niche market for first responders originally envisioned by the 9/11 Commission has come to fruition.

FirstNet partners with medical center for rural emergency response
Citizen Tribune | 3/22/19
Residents in rural Mississippi will soon be able to get telemedicine services from first responders during a disaster, thanks to an agreement between FirstNet and the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

FirstNet supports communication at mudslide
Citizen Tribune | 3/22/19
FirstNet deployables, such as a satellite cell on light truck, are mobile cell sites that link to FirstNet via satellite and do not rely on commercial power availability.

Improving EMS Patient Care with Communication Technologies
Journal of Emergency Medical Services | 3/20/19
A Q&A with Deputy Executive Director of the National Public Safety Communications Council Barry Luke.

FirstNet Authority Unveils Roadmap Plans, Investment Principles
FirstNet | 3/20/19
New Initiatives will Drive Network Evolution, Innovation with Public Safety.

Research on emergency medical internet set for Mississippi
WAPT16 | 3/19/19
The University of Mississippi Medical Center will do research with a federal group to improve how emergency workers use mobile internet to provide medical care.

FirstNet Supports First Responder Communications at Oklahoma Balloon Festival
EfficientGove | 3/19/19
FirstNet services, devices and training prepare first responders and emergency communications at the Citizen Potawatomi Tribe’s annual FireLake Fireflight Balloon Festival in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

FCC Advances Effort for More Precise Location Data of 911 Calls Inside Buildings
GCN  | 3/18/19
The FCC on Friday voted to advance rules that would require wireless carriers to provide more precise vertical-location data from 911 calls made on cellphones inside multi-story buildings, in an effort to help emergency call centers better identify which floor the caller is on.

Georgia homeland security: We rely on IoT and FirstNet for emergencies and disasters
TechRepublic  | 3/15/19
From law enforcement to hurricanes and even the Super Bowl, Georgia Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security is relying on smart cities and IoT technology backed up by AT&T's FirstNet.

Manny Dureja, Guy Jouannelle outline D.C. initiative to ensure FirstNet in-building coverage
Urgent Communications  | 3/7/19
Wave Wireless CEO Manny Dureja (left) and Guy Jouannelle, a consultant working with the District of Columbia, provide some details around D.C’s efforts to implement rules requiring in-building coverage for FirstNet service later this year.

CTO Download: FirstNet’s Bratcher on Costs & Benefits of Public Safety Broadband
Efficient Gov  | 3/6/19
FirstNet CTO Jeff Bratcher addresses the costs, benefits and updates on the national public safety broadband network in development.

A new cell site in Baltimore County is part of a wireless upgrade for first responders Baltimore  | 3/5/19
New technologies for public safety communications are coming online through the nationwide buildout of FirstNet.

Tech Infiltrates Local Government, Offering Safety and Efficiencies
Government Technology  | 3/4/19
From the latest in fire safety gear to procurement management and infrastructure repair, technology is increasingly finding its place in the daily operations of local government.

Five issues PDs must address to harness the potential of NG911 and FirstNet  | 3/1/19
PERF project examines the impact of Next Generation 911 systems and the FirstNet wireless broadband network on police and other first responders.

FirstNet deployment should be more than 60% complete by end of year, AT&T exec says
Urgent Communications  |  2/28/19
More than 60% of the planned buildout of the FirstNet system will be completed by the end of this year—months ahead of the contracted schedule—with a realistic possibility that even more progress will be made on the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN), an AT&T executive said yesterday.

ADT to Integrate FirstNet Service Into Alarm Panels
Security & Sales Integration  |  2/21/19
FirstNet provides public-safety agencies with a reliable and highly secure connection to the critical information they need to respond to incidents.

Drones. AI. Bodycams. Is Technology Making Us Safer?
Government Technology  |  January/February 2019
Across the country, law enforcement agencies are using emerging tech to gather an unprecedented amount of data to drive down crime statistics. But are their efforts actually making a difference?

How to fund FirstNet implementation in your agency  |  2/13/19
Numerous federal, state and private grants may be able to support all or part of your FirstNet implementation project.

Delivering Mission-Critical Data to Enhance First Responders’ Work
IOT for All  |  2/18/19
FirstNet, a post 9/11 public-private partnership on which AT&T and Telit are collaborating, is enabling first responders to act both more effectively and more safely in emergency situations through the use of next-gen technologies like IoT and drone platforms. The flexibility, bandwidth and coverage of LTE connectivity is key to the resilience of this transformative network.

AT&T officials outline current IoT capabilities over FirstNet, future considerations for LTE-M
Urgent Communications  |  2/15/19
FirstNet currently does not support the use of low-power, wide-area (LPWA) protocols like LTE-M, but the nationwide public-safety broadband network can be leveraged for low-bandwidth Internet of Things (IoT) use cases with quality of service, priority and preemption (QPP) on LTE, according to AT&T officials.

FirstNet proves to be valuable during Super Bowl week in Atlanta, Georgia official says
Urgent Communications  |  2/7/19
FirstNet service worked well for agencies helping to secure areas of Atlanta during the Super Bowl and throughout the week of events surrounding the championship game, according to a Georgia state official who participated in the effort.

Ex-FCC counselor says the agency 'abdicated' its public safety role
The Hill  |  2/4/19
A former counselor to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman under President Obama said on Monday that the agency under President Trump "abdicated" its role in public safety, citing connectivity issues during last year's massive California wildfires.

AT&T officials expect greater FirstNet adoption as Band 14 deployment remains ahead of schedule
Urgent Communications  |  1/30/19
AT&T expects greater public-safety adoption of FirstNet in 2019, as subscribers to the system benefit from the carrier’s plans to execute an aggressive coordinated deployment of FirstNet and 5G throughout much of the U.S. during the year, AT&T executives said today during the company’s quarterly earnings call.

FirstNet, Cradlepoint help Indiana agencies address connectivity issues during response efforts
Urgent Communications  |  1/22/19
Indiana public-safety agencies are using FirstNet and Cradlepoint mobile routers—both in-vehicle and pelican-case solutions—to quickly establish broadband connectivity in almost any location without the need for satellite backhaul, according to state official.

FirstNet official urges local governments to issue smartphones to first responders
Urgent Communications  |  1/21/19
All first responders should have government-issued smartphones to ensure that public-safety personnel can access wireless broadband capabilities and that any data or evidence captured is stored appropriately and securely, according to a FirstNet Authority official.

Data sharing, cost savings incentivize Local EMS to adopt FirstNet  |  1/16/19
With more than 5,250 public safety agencies currently subscribed to FirstNet, we are learning more each day from first responders about how the network is enhancing emergency communications.

Fire chief encourages early FirstNet adoption, cites cost savings, potential mission-critical use in 2024
Urgent Communications  |  1/11/19
Public-safety agencies should subscribe to FirstNet soon, so they can test the system’s capabilities and better evaluate future possibilities—perhaps LMR replacement within five years—according to a California fire chief, who said adopting FirstNet allowed his department to save $360,0000.

AT&T Says FirstNet Subscribers Surpass 425K, Up 60% Since October
ECN Magazine  |  1/9/19
Momentum continues on AT&T’s network build and FirstNet public safety communications initiative.

AT&T Selects Second MCPTT Provider, 3GPP-Compliant Service Planned this Year
Mission Critical  |  1/8/19
AT&T has completed its procurement for a second carrier-integrated mission-critical push to talk (MCPTT) provider and plans to launch Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP)-compliant MCPTT solutions in the second half of the year.

More Than 50,000 Square Miles of LTE Coverage Added Nationwide to Support AT&T and FirstNet Users
Business Wire  |  1/9/19
Band 14 Spectrum Deployed in More Than 500 Rural and Urban Markets Across the Country; FirstNet Connections Exceed 425,000+.

Long-awaited earthquake early warning app for L.A. can now be downloaded
LA Times |  1/2/19
Los Angeles has unveiled its long-anticipated earthquake early warning app for smartphones for Apple and Android, which is now available for download.

Mission-Critical Features Move Forward During Latest Standards Meetings
RadioResource  |  1/4/19
The December quarterly Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) meetings in Sorrento, Italy, addressed standards in several areas relevant to mission-critical broadband in three separate plenary group meetings.

FirstNet Steps Up to the Plate for Christmas Eve
St. James Parish Sheriff's Office  |  January, 2019
We all know with the influx of visitors on Christmas Eve, trying to make a call or send a text becomes nearly impossible.  FirstNet gives public safety priority, preemption, more network capacity and a resilient, hardened connection.

Drones. AI. Bodycams. Is Technology Making Us Safer?
Government Technology  |  January, 2019
Across the country, law enforcement agencies are using emerging tech to gather an unprecedented amount of data to drive down crime statistics. But are their efforts actually making a difference?

AT&T reps cite notable FirstNet subscriber boost, update buildout plans within California
Urgent Communications  |  12/21/18
Nationwide FirstNet adoption has jumped significantly to more than 369,000 subscribers from more than 6,000 public-safety agencies, an AT&T official said last week during a presentation to the California First Responder Network (CalFRN) board.

Tillman Infrastructure building hundreds of towers for AT&T
RCRWireless News  |  12/21/18
FirstNet, 5G drive AT&T investment in macro towers.

FirstNet Authority’s Technology and Innovation Team Gains First-Hand Experience with Local Boulder, CO Fire Department
FirstNet  |  12/17/18
Firefighters brought an attack engine to the FirstNet Lab to give staff an opportunity to get hands-on with fire gear, equipment, and tools.

New FirstNet Chair Horowitz encouraged by progress, outlines ‘FirstNet 2.0’ plans
Urgent Communications  |  12/7/18
Leaders of U.S. public-safety organizations are “thrilled” with AT&T’s development of the FirstNet system and want the FirstNet Authority to continue its advocacy for first responders.

AT&T CEO says FirstNet build is one-third completed, will help 5G push and increase network capacity by 50% by end of 2019
Urgent Communications  |  12/5/18
AT&T is six months ahead of its contracted schedule to deploy the 700 MHz Band 14 spectrum licensed to FirstNet, and the public-safety initiative will result in increasing the capacity of its network by 50% by the end of 2019 and preparing the carrier for a smooth migration to 5G, according to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson.

Fire Technology: Smart Cities & the Fire Service
FireHouse  |  12/1/18
Charles Werner discusses the countless opportunities for improving fire service operations in a connected world.

CoBank Report Highlights FirstNet’s Effect on Rural America, Carriers
RadioResource  |  11/30/18
A private bank catering to the rural economy said rural wireless providers will likely see short-term benefits from the First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) but could see long-term competitive challenges from FirstNet partner, AT&T, along with Verizon and Motorola Solutions.

California, LA County Take Advantage of Reduced FirstNet Pricing Plans
RadioResource  |  11/26/18
The First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) reduced its unlimited standard talk, text and data smartphone plan to $39.99 per month from $50, although some agencies are receiving additional discounts with many different plans and pricing in contracts.

Todd Early appointed as new chair of FirstNet’s Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC)
Urgent Communications  |  11/20/18
Longtime public-safety-broadband proponent Todd Early of Texas is the new chair for the Public Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC), FirstNet Authority Chair Ed Horowitz announced today.

AT&T says fully compliant MCPTT offering will be available next year
Urgent Communications  |  11/14/18
AT&T announced plans to make emergency calling and other features of the LTE mission-critical-push-to-talk (MCPTT) standard available next month and deliver a fully MCPTT-compliant offering during the second half of next year for subscribers to FirstNet and AT&T Business services, according to AT&T officials.

City officials say 911 calls are being impacted by damaged Verizon cables
KYW News Radio  |  11/5/18
A problem with Verizon service is still affecting the entire city of Philadelphia.

Move comes after FCC Chairman criticizes Hurricane Michael recovery
RCR Wireless News  |  11/2/18
FCC empanels Disaster Response and Recovery Working Group.

CA Pols Put Mobile Carrier on Hot Seat
Firehouse World  |  11/1/18
Santa Clara supervisors held a special session to get answers from Verizon about fire crews having data speeds throttled during a wildfire.

California and AT&T Sign Contract Allowing State Public Safety Entities to Purchase FirstNet Services
PR Newswire  |  11/1/18
New Technologies Will Expand California Public Safety Capabilities.

Why is it so Hard to Text 911?
ECN  |  11/1/18
People can livestream their every move on Facebook and chatter endlessly in group chats. But in most parts of the U.S., they still can't reach 911 by texting.

Santa Clara County fire chief squares off with Verizon officials over alleged data throttling during Mendocino fire
ABC7  |  10/31/18
Santa Clara County's fire chief squared off with wireless provider Verizon over the issue of data throttling - and a communications breakdown during the Mendocino Complex fire this summer.

Florida city turns to AT&T, FirstNet for connectivity during aftermath of Hurricane Michael
IWCE's Urgent Communications  |  10/26/18
Officials in Panama City Beach, Fla., relied on AT&T FirstNet for communications in the wake of Hurricane Michael, which caused outages in the jurisdiction’s broadband and LMR systems, according to City Manager Mario Gisbert.

DHS Funds Tech That Lets Emergency Vehicles Talk to Nearby Cars
NexxtGov |  10/23/18
The goal is to avoid collisions.

FirstNet Momentum: More Than 3,600 Public Safety Agencies Subscribed
AT&T  |  10/23/18
The FirstNet Network Platform Has Kept First Responders Connected Through Hurricanes Florence and Michael, and More.

New Jersey Decommissions JerseyNet, Transfers Assets to AT&T FirstNet
RadioResource International  |  10/22/18
The New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (NJOHSP) announced the completion and decommissioning of JerseyNet, one of five First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) early builder Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks.

Esri introduces ArcGIS mobile app for FirstNet ecosystem
StateScoop  |  10/22/18
The app, Explorer for ArcGIS, provides ArcGIS capabilities to agencies that might otherwise struggle to securely share mapping data.

Lt. Governor Boyd Rutherford acknowledges FirstNet's efforts  |  10/18/18
Washington County Officials mark one year of FirstNet in the State.

FirstNet Fleet of Dedicated Deployable Network Assets Now Available to Public Safety Subscribers Nationwide
AT&T  |  10/5/18
FirstNet Has Already Supported Public Safety Response Efforts at Nearly 100 Events and Incidents This Year

Extending FirstNet coverage indoors
RCR Wireless  |  10/2/18
The events that took place on 9/11 revealed a number of holes in America’s emergency communications infrastructure.

New FirstNet leadership steps up
RCR Wireless  |  10/2/18
FirstNet’s new leaders include an acting CEO and board vice chair

First Responders Can Now Subscriber to FirstNet in AT&T Stores!
Patch  |  9/26/18
Employees of Eligible First Responder Entities and Their Familes Can Receive Industry Leading Wireless, Internet and TV Discounts from AT&T

Potter County, Texas Signs on to FirstNet
Government Technology  |  9/25/18
County officials voted unanimously to join the public safety communications network.

FirstNet board appoints longtime member to vice chair
State Scoop  |  9/21/18
The board still has six open spots to reach its 15-member capacity.

New Apple iPhones support operation on Band 14 spectrum licensed to FirstNet
Urgent Communications  |  9/14/18
Apple’s new iPhones that were announced this week are the device maker’s first product that support operation on 700 MHz Band 14—the spectrum licensed to FirstNet, which has contracted AT&T to build and maintain the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN).

Ambulance Company Eyes mHealth Reliability with FirstNet Platform
mHealth Intelligence  |  9/10/18
Acadian Ambulance will be one of the first EMS providers to use FirstNet, a national broadband network designed to ensure mHealth connectivity for first responders. That reliability will become more important as companies like Acadian adopt more telehealth tools.

How AT&T is using drones, sensors, AI and LPWAN in hurricane season
Enterprise IoT Insights  |  9/4/18
Speaking with Enterprise IoT Insights, US carrier AT&T points to four crucial technologies, or technology areas, in its existing armoury for disaster response: drones, fleet management, smart cities, and broad-brushed ‘ecosystem solutions’.

Public-safety adoption of FirstNet spikes during the past month, according to AT&T
Urgent Communications  |  8/31/18
FirstNet has seen a marked increase in public-safety agency adoption, with more than 1,000 subscribing to the service during the past month, according to officials from AT&T, which is tasked with building and maintaining the nationwide public-safety broadband network.

FirstNet Momentum: More than 2,500 Public Safety Agencies Subscribed
FirstNet  |  8/29/18
The FirstNet Network Platform Has Been Reliably Supporting First Responders Battling Wildfires and Other Emergencies Nationwide

Verizon throttled fire department’s “unlimited” data during California wildfire
Ars Technica  |  8/21/18
Fire dep't had to pay twice as much to lift throttling during wildfire response.

California firefighters use Augmented Reality in battle against record infernos
ZDNet  |  8/17/18
Contextual mapping is giving first responders real-time information about threats as they unfold, and more AR tech could be on the way

FirstNet board approves $81 million operating budget, allocates money for future network investments
Urgent Communications  |  8/15/18
FirstNet board approves $81 million operating budget, allocates money for future network investments

APCO: Devices ready for FirstNet take center stage
RCR Wireless  |  8/10/18
The news out of the annual Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials International (APCO) show in Las Vegas this week highlights growing ecosystem support for the increasingly complex communications needs of first responders and public safety agencies. 

FirstNet Plans Emergency Drop Kits, Creating a ‘Connected Bubble’ for Public Safety
AT&T  |  8/6/18
New Response Operations Program to Provide Unprecedented Emergency Support Customized for Each State

FirstNet brings internet to tribal police
GCN  |  8/2/18
All of those connect to the country’s first nationwide public-safety broadband network, which AT&T is building in partnership with the First Responder Network Authority.

How Are Apps Used in the Fire Service?
Healthcare IT News  |  7/30/18
Results from a 2018 survey reveal how fire departments are solving problems with apps - and where your department may be missing opportunities.

FirstNet Simplifies Service Contracts with NPPGov
AT&T  |  7/26/18
All of those connect to the country’s first nationwide public-safety broadband network, which AT&T is building in partnership with the First Responder Network Authority.

FirstNet Momentum: Band 14 Added to More than 2,500 Sites Across the County, First FirstNet Dedicated Deployables Assets Available
AT&T  |  7/20/18
Nearly 1,500 Public Safety Agencies Have Subscribed to Their Nationwide Network

Houston Tests Devices and Apps Using FirstNet Spectrum
Government Technology  |  7/20/18
Testing is an opportunity to public safety industry a glimpse into tech adoption for first responders.

AT&T Fills in Rural Coverage Gaps With Its FirstNet Build, New Cell Site Planned for Bedford County
AT&T  |  7/20/18
Site Will Bring Voice and Mobile Broadband Service for First Responders, Area Residents

Drones Take Flight for Local Government
Government Technology  |  July-August 2018
Four regions of the country are poised to take advantage of relaxed rules from the FAA.

How firefighters mapped all 200,000 acres that have burned in Colorado this summer
9News  |  7/12/18
These maps help firefighters make potentially life-saving decisions.

Public Safety Response to Active Shooters: How FirstNet Can Ease the Burden
FirstNet Built by AT&T  |  7/10/18
Built with first responders, for first responders, FirstNet brings about a solution to many of the operational challenges of simple, complicated and complex emergencies.

LA-RICS transfers public-safety LTE network assets to AT&T for FirstNet deployment
Urgent Communications  |  7/2/18
Public-safety LTE cell sites built by the Los Angeles Regional Interoperable Communications System (LA-RICS) are transferred to AT&T, which is FirstNet’s contractor to build and maintain the nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN).

AT&T execs say FirstNet buildout will be at least 40% done within a year, note Importance to 5G strategy
Urgent Communications  |  6/26/18
AT&T plans to complete at least 40% of its committed deployment of the FirstNet nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) within a year as part an overall buildout strategy that is designed to let the carrier giant ultimately make the leap to 5G via software upgrades, according to AT&T executives.

FirstNet launches, giving police and firefighters a dedicated wireless network and infinite possibilities
The Washington Post  |  6/25/18
The idea for FirstNet was long in gestation, beginning with the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but has rapidly come to fruition in the year since AT&T won a contract to build it for the federal government.

How LTE is enabling mission-critical networks
RCR Wireless  |  6/25/18
The maturity of LTE is increasingly enabling commercial mobile network operators to offer mission-critical, rather than best-effort, infrastructure and services, according to Patrik Ringqvist, principal solutions architect for Ericsson North America.

FirstNet Momentum: More Than 1,000 Public Safety Agencies Subscribed
PRNewsWire  |  6/21/18
Public Safety Agencies Across the Country are Adopting Their Network, Seeing Immediate Benefits From Key Capabilities and Highly Reliable FirstNet Connections.

FirstNet Develops Coverage Verification Process, Receives First AT&T Payment
Mission Critical Communications  |  6/21/18
First Responder Network Authority (FirstNet) officials are developing a process to verify AT&T’s nationwide public-safety broadband network (NPSBN) coverage. FirstNet also received its first sustainability payment from AT&T.

Apple Sets Up iPhones to Relay Location for 911 Calls
Wireless Week  |  6/19/18
An estimated 80 percent of roughly 240 million emergency calls in the U.S. this year will come from mobile phones, most of which are capable of precisely tracking where their users are.

Drone use continues to enhance emergency response
Cleburne Times Review  |  6/17/18
From monitoring wildfires to rescuing stranded motorists in flood waters, the unmanned aircraft system — or drone — has been a game changer for emergency response.

FirstNet, AT&T announce nationwide availability of subscriber-paid/BYOD offering
Urgent Communications  |  6/15/18
Primary public-safety agencies with little or no budget to pay for their personnel to have broadband services can utilize a FirstNet subscriber-paid—or bring your own device (BYOD)—offering recently made available nationwide at 5,300 AT&T retail stores and online outlets, according to an AT&T official.

New ‘fire hydrant’ for water-dropping helicopters may cut response time for remote wildfires
Orange County Register  |  6/12/18
Last week’s demonstration shows how the newfangled tank might drastically reduce turnaround times for water drops in remote areas while and reducing the manpower it takes to refill the firefighting copters.

Flying COW drones make headway
RCR Wireless  |  6/5/18
Flying COW drones are key FirstNet efforts and network plans of the future.

FirstNet Huge Rural Coverage Opportunity, AT&T Communications CEO Says
RCR Wireless | 5/21/18
FirstNet build also supports growth in consumer market.

AT&T: LTE Speeds Will Double Thanks To FirstNet
Fierce Wireless  |  5/15/18
AT&T Chairman and CEO Randall Stephenson told an audience at the J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Communications Conference that AT&T will double LTE speeds for its customers in 500 markets this year.
FirstNet Tested During Boston Marathon
Government Technology  |  5/3/18
FirstNet and AT&T distributed 80 FirstNet devices to fire, police and incident response teams to help connect first responders during the Boston Marathon.
Drones to the Rescue!
BBC  |  5/1/18
Drones may be best known for taking impressive aerial videos and inspecting buildings, infrastructure and crops, but they also promise to improve mobile and internet connectivity for emergency services and consumers.
AT&T’s FirstNet Poised to Facilitate Advanced Firefighting Technology
Fire Rescue  |  3/9/18
A reliable broadband connection will help drones stream live video to improve situational awareness and resource deployment, and measure response in the fire service.
Initial Reports Are Positive as FirstNet Buildout Continues
Government Technology  |  2/21/18
For adopters of the nationwide first responders network in Brazos County, Texas, the benefits of the enhanced communications tools are already evident.
AT&T Hackathon Encourages ‘Reimagining’ of Public Safety for FirstNet App Ecosystem
State Scoop  |  4/26/18
More than 30 teams created apps for first responders expected to increasingly rely on new forms of digital communication and response.
The Helmet Which Gives Firefighters ‘X-Ray Vision’
BBC  |  4/19/18
A device which uses augmented reality to help firefighters see through smoke has been developed.
NIST Releases Initial List of 17 Devices Certified for Use on FirstNet System
Urgent Communications  |  4/12/18
Devices from Apple, Samsung, Sonim Technologies and Netgear are on the initial list of certified devices that public-safety users can use on the FirstNet broadband system being deployed by AT&T, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
AT&T Gets Green Light to Build Out FirstNet Network
State Scoop  |  3/9/18
The contractor says it's already putting up towers to use the Band 14 spectrum, which will be dedicated to first responders.
First Responder Network Goes Nationwide As All 50 States, 2 Territories and District of Columbia Join FirstNet
FirstNet Press Release  |  12/29/17
First responders across the nation now have a wireless broadband network to call their own.  With all 50 states, two U.S. territories and Washington, D.C. joining FirstNet, public safety has a groundbreaking new choice for their communications that will help them save lives and protect their communities.
FirstNet Launches Ruthless Preemption for First Responders
AT&T Press Release  |  12/12/17
FirstNet, the nationwide public safety broadband network, now features ruthless preemption (preemption) services for first responder subscribers across the country. This highly anticipated, specialized offering is now available to first responders in states and territories that have opted in to the First Responder Network Authority and AT&T plan and have subscribed to FirstNet service. 
FirstNet Applications for EMS Connectivity, Situational Awareness
EMS1  |  10/18/17
FirstNet, the nationwide wireless broadband network dedicated to public safety, is ahead of schedule, under budget and poised to change the practice of EMS.